Iraq decides to cancel legislative elections results of expats

The Iraqi Council of Ministers on Tuesday approved recommendations by a high-level committee formed to investigate breaches committed in the last parliamentary elections abroad.

The recommendations included the cancellation of the elections results of expatriates due to deliberate breaches and fraud, said a government statement.

The council also endorsed manual recounting of no less than five percent of votes at all ballot stations, it added. The council, based on recommendations by the Intelligence Service, the National Security Service and Ministry of Interior’s Intelligence Services, called for pursuing those responsible for fraud and taking legal action against them in accordance with the law, according to the statement.

The Council of Ministers took precautionary measures for this purpose.

Iraq’s high electoral commission rejected earlier a similar move from the House of Representatives on cancelling the results of polls and recounting votes manually.

On May 24, the government decided to form a high-level committee to investigate claims about possible breaches in the parliamentary elections.

The electoral commission, however, stressed that the elections were fair and did not include any effective breaches, announcing that it is ready to cooperate with the government committee in conducting an investigation into this matter.

The electoral commission is an independent body, and only Iraq’s federal court has powers on the commission. It is not confirmed whether the Council of Ministers’ decision is binding to the commission.

Source: Kuwait News Agency