Iraq, Italy discuss strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation

BAGHDAD, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi discussed on Sunday with Italian Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta ways to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation.

According to a government statement, the Italian Minister voiced her country’s interest to contribute to the war against so-called Islamic State (IS), calling it a threat to Iraq and the whole world.

Trenta expressed her country’s concern about the continuation of terrorist financing networks and the culture of extremism, but stressed Italy’s determination on supporting Iraq, particularly in training the armed and security forces.

For his part, Abdulmahdi said that his country is achieving great victories in its war on Al-Qaeda and IS, and he is still engaged in a fierce war against the remnants of terrorist groups.

Abdulmahdi called on Iraq’s friends to support Baghdad in its fight against terrorism and to support its economy because it is the “whole world fight.” He stressed that this war remains a priority for the Iraqi government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency