Iraqi Defense Ministry accuses “gangs” of using teargas against protestors

BAGHDAD, The Ministry of Defense accused Friday some of whom it described as “gangs” of using teargas against protestors in Iraq.

The Defense Ministry clarified a statement made by Minister Najeh Al-Shammari in Paris Wednesday in regards to the issue of using teargas, indicating that the official stressed that the government did not import such weapons.

The minister blamed other parties, namely so-called gangs, of trying to create a divide between the people and the security and armed forces, affirmed the statement.

Teargas led to the death of several protestors due to suffocation or body injuries.

It is expected that protests will continue for the fourth week in Iraq.

Protests in Iraq were launched in two waves with the first occurring last October for nine days. It resumed on October 25 until now with some 320 protestors killed and thousands wounded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency