Iraqi FM: no need for another war in Gulf region

RUSSELS, Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mohamad Al-Hakim said Friday called for finding suitable solutions for issues pertaining to the Gulf region, stressing that there was no need for another regional war.

During an interview with KUNA, Al-Hakim commented on the current tensions in the Gulf region, saying, “we do not want another war in the region, and we don’t know where this war will take us. This area has suffered from multiple wars in the last forty years.” “We should apply our heads, negotiate and find solutions,” he said.

The NATO mission in Iraq is “doing extremely well and they are training our police and security forces,” Al-Hakim added.

NATO agreed to establish a training and capacity-building mission in Iraq in October 2018.

Al-Hakim said, “The international coalition meeting to defeat IS “went very well.” “The international coalition meeting to defeat IS went very well, and there is a tremendous support for Iraq and also help (by NATO) for training and developing Iraqi forces to finish IS both in Iraq and Syria,” he said.

Tension increased between the US and Iran on the aftermath of Tehran downing of an American spy drone.

Iran said that it had the right to shoot down the aircraft due to it violating Iranian airspace; the US denied it was flying over Iranian territory.

Prior to that incident, several explosions targeted tankers — traversing the regional waters in the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. Again the US and allies blame Iran for the explosions, Tehran strongly denied involvement.

After downing the US drone, President Donald Trump almost took a decision to hit Iran, but rolled backed the step.

Trump, instead, impose more sanctions on the Iranian leadership and top military brass.

Source: Kuwait News Agency