Iraqi governor resigns office in protest at raging violence

BAGHDAD, Adel Al-Dekheili, governor of Dhi-Qar, announced his resignation against the backdrop of the ongoing acts of violence in Nasiriyah, the capital city of the governorate. He said, in a press release on Thursday evening, “Today has been a bloody day that witnessed regrettable incidents and the fall of dozens of victims at the hands of outsiders.” “Forces from outside the governorate used force to quell the protests without informing the local authorities of their missions, he protested, adding, “This is totally illegal and unacceptable and we can neither keep silent nor wink at it.” “Therefore, I declare my resignation and clear the local authorities from blame over these incidents,” Al-Dekheili.

He called for urgent probes into the deadly incidents.

Earlier today, at least 32 people have been reportedly killed and 225 others injured when security forces attempted to disperse a protest sit-in protests in main roads in Nasiriyah, city, nearly 370 km southeast Baghdad.

Source: Kuwait News Agency