Iraqi Gov’t OKs package of measures, reforms

BAGHDAD, The Iraqi Government has approved a package of reforms and measures in response to demands of demonstrators who have been protesting mismanagement and rampant corruption since six days ago.

The state-run television station reported that Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi, during a cabinet a session, announced the first batch of legislative reforms; to be referred to the parliament — some address combating corruption, creating jobs, fighting poverty and overhauling the infrastructure.

The proposed reforms tackle detailed matters, such as minimum wage, supporting enterprise, securing easy loans, launching small enterprise for the unemployed, offering work in the public sector and holding free of charge educational courses.

They also envisage recruitment in the army, prohibiting multiple payments, penalizing media violations and others.

Premier Abdulmahdi indicated during the session that he was mostly worried about the fall of victims in these public protests, affirming that he had given strict orders to the security personnel to abstain from using bullets.

At least 100 people have been killed and more than 4,000 others have been wounded in the ongoing unrest.

Source: Kuwait News Agency