Iraqi MoI: Ongoing Iraqi protests leave 104 dead, 6,107 wounded

BAGHDAD, The casualties resulting from ongoing angry demonstrations across Iraq have risen to 104 deaths and 6,107 injuries, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday.

In a press conference, the ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Saad Maan said that eight police personnel were among the dead, and another 1,241 injured.

He added, demonstrators along with the police were targeted by unidentified snipers, who aimed for the head and heart.

The official also condemned attacks made on a number of media institutions, in addition to assaults on journalists, pledging the ministry’s commitment towards their protection.

Demonstrations have been taking to the streets since the start of the month, demanding the improvement of public services, further jobs and an end to corruption.

Earlier, in a cabinet address, Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi announced legislative reforms which will be referred to parliament aimed at appeasing the protesters.

These reforms include anti-corruption measures, job creation, tackling poverty and infrastructure improvements.

Source: Kuwait News Agency