Iraqi official thankful for Kuwait’s support

Kuwait has never failed to stand by Iraq at all times, as evident by a conference the country is hosting over reconstruction in Baghdad, an Iraqi official said on Sunday.

Chairman of the National Investment Commission of Iraq Dr. Sami Al-Araji’s remarks came on the sidelines of a panel discussion organized by the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

Al-Araji said that Kuwaiti businessmen are eager to explore the bountiful investment opportunities that his country has to offer, hoping that the lion’s share of development projects in Baghdad would go to Kuwait.

He touted the massive turnout for the “Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction in Iraq,” which further highlights the enormity of the event.

The Iraqi official explained that the attendees at the conference will discuss what is needed to rebuild a nation battered by war, adding that development projects in Baghdad are crucial to restore stability to the country.

Al-Araji noted that the broad participation in the conference proves the international community’s sincere efforts to rebuild Iraqi cities freed from the clutches of the so-called Islamic State

Source: Kuwait News Agency