Iraqi parl’t elections “special vote” for military personnel begins

BAGHDAD, The “special vote” for Iraq’s security and army personnel began Thursday as part of the country’s ongoing parliamentary elections.

Defense and interior ministries’ affiliated members headed to the polls inside and nearby their military and security headquarters in all around Iraqi governorates.

The “special vote” coincides with the start of voting outside of Iraq, where polls opened in 19 countries around the world for Iraqi nationals, including Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Iran, US, UK, Netherlands, and Germany.

According to Iraqi electoral law, the “special vote” results would be collected and referred to the Independent High Electoral Commission’s National Office in Baghdad to announce them with the final results of public vote, slated for Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Independent High Electoral Commission announced today the start of the “special vote” for military and security personnel in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Polls opened earlier in Irbil, Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah, and Karamian governorates for Peshmerga military forces and Asayish police and security personnel.

Around 320 political parties, blocs, and electoral lists are taking part in Iraq’s 2018 parliamentary elections, including 88 electoral lists, 205 political entities, and 27 electoral alliances.

Source: Kuwait News Agency