Iraqis continue protests in Baghdad, S. governorates

BAGHDAD, Protests and sit-ins continued in Baghdad, central and southern Iraq to mark their 104 days on Sunday, while a strike paralyzed universities and government departments, and security authorities were investigating killings of protesters.

Protests were held at the Tahrir (liberation) square in downtown Baghdad while many universities’ students were flocking to the square in a sign of determination that they would continue protesting until their demands are met, activists and students told KUNA.

Protesters hoisted a large photo of resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi with a huge “we don’t want your return.” They were refusing reports some political parties were seeking to reassign Abdulmadhi as prime minister.

Protesters in the southern governorate of Thi Qar blocked three main bridges in Nasiriyah, a police source told KUNA.

Schools, colleges and universities were resuming studies gradually in Thi Qar, said the source.

Protesters in An-Najaf used burning tires to block roads leading to the airport, while protesters in the southern governorate of Waset said they refused demands by the Ministry of Higher Education to return to work.

Iraqi news agency said Abdulmahdi ordered an investigation into an attack on protesters in Karbala, which took place last night.

Iraqi police said three people were injured when unknown gunmen opened fire at protesters in Karbala.

Interior Minister Yassin Al-Yasseri also opened an investigation into the killing of journalists Ahmad Abdulsamad and Safaa Ghali while they were covering protests in Basra two days ago.

Protests broke out on October 1, 2019, forcing prime minister to resign, and the parliament to dissolve provincial councils and approve new electoral law.

More than 500 protesters were killed and thousands injured during the protests.

Source: Kuwait News Agency