Iraq’s Al-Najaf Governor calls on authorities to end bloodshed

BAGHDAD, Iraq’s Al-Najaf Governor Louay Al-Yasiri on Saturday called on the highest security authorities in Baghdad to intervene immediately to stop what he described as bloodshed in his province.

In a statement, Al-Yasiri said that Al-Najaf has been a safe and stable city for the past 35 days, had it not been for the recent events that killed and wounded dozens of people by unknown parties.

Al-Yasiri called on the federal government to intervene immediately to stop the bloodshed in Al-Najaf and to investigate the current events and hold accountable the negligent according to the law and refer them to the Iraqi judiciary urgently.

Earlier today, Al-Najaf police directorate called on demonstrators to stay away from life-threatening areas in reference to gatherings trying to storm the shrine of cleric Mohammad Baqir Al-Hakim in the city center.

The province witnessed clashes between police and protesters for three days trying to reach the Al-Hakim shrine, a place that was the focus of clashes between the two sides, causing dozens of deaths and injuries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency