Israel tortures 95 pct of Palestinians prisoners – report

RAMALLAH, Nearly 95 percent of Palestinian prisoners have been subjected to torture by Israeli authorities at the moment of their arrest, during interrogation, and after their incarceration, a human rights group reported Wednesday.

The Israeli occupation authorities adopt various methods to torture Palestinian prisoners and detainees both physically and mentally as a way to get revenge on them, rob them of their humanity, and pressure them to acquire their confessions, the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club (PSPC) said in a press statement.

Some 73 prisoners have died from torture since 1967, PSPC said, noting the torture methods used by the Israeli security forces include deprivation of sleep, standing in difficult positions, or being exposed to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods.

Beside torture, Palestinian detainees have also been placed in solitary confinement under extreme harsh conditions, the statement added, noting majority of them suffered from medical negligence and died as a result.

Other methods of torturing Palestinian prisoners also include interrogation, in which torture could be used legally, according to Israeli law, when it was for the “need of defense,” and in situations, in which detainees were considered “dangerous,” said PSPC.

Source: Kuwait News Agency