Israeli occupation kicks Palestinian employees out of Ibrahimi Mosque

RAMALLAH, Israeli forces kicked employees of the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs out of the Ibrahimi Mosque, to seize control over the place on Tuesday.

The Israelis demanded the employees to fully evacuate the building, claiming that it’s for religious reasons, said the ministry’s undersecretary Hossam Abu Al-Rab in a statement on Tuesday. He added that Israelis used force in the process as the employees refused to leave.

He noted that the forces took out the mosque’s carpets, to prepare it for the settlers to perform their prayers, although the place is of significant holiness to Muslims.

Israel limits the movement of Palestinians in Jerusalem and Hebron in time of Jewish celebrations, to allow settlers to perform their rituals freely at Al-Aqsa and Ibrahimi Mosques.

The Israeli authorities had divided the Ibrahimi Mosque into two sections, one for Muslims and the other for Jews, after extremist Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein killed 29 and injured 15 other Muslim worshippers.

Source: Kuwait News Agency