KUWAIT, The rapid developments in the information technology have left enormous impacts on contemporary culture, several Kuwaiti intellectuals concurred.

The information technology developments have revolutionized all aspects of life, especially culture and art, Managing Editor of Al-Anbaa newspaper Mohammad Al-Husseini said in a symposium held on the sideline of 41st Kuwait Book Fair.

He argued that the IT has facilitated production, promotion and archiving of culture materials.

It has also offered great solutions for cataloging and googling culture contents, he said.

He noted that the new technology has created a direct channel for interaction between producers and consumers of cultural materials. Al-Husseini, however, noted that this IT revolution abrogated prior censorship.

Thus emerged the need for self-censorship from authors, he viewed. One of most annoying effects of new technologies is the spread of plagiarism and content piracy, he said, adding that governments around the world are introducing new legislations to deal with such challenges in the future.

Meanwhile, Professor of psychology at Kuwait University Nasser Al-Manea added that the information technology has sharply reduced the costs of marketing and exhibiting cultural contents such streamlined the spread of culture products.

For his part, blogger and media expert Ahmad Haider believes that information technology has fostered knowledge, culture and arts in an unprecedented way.

The new media tools, especially social media websites, were instrumental in introducing culture and arts to the new generations, he said.

Contrary to what was expected that the digitalized era would lead to the disappearance of paper books, the sales of books and culture products are rising, he said, noting that publishing houses have tapped the new technology to market their products.

41st Kuwait Book Fair was inaugurated Wednesday November 16 and last till November 26. Over 565 publishers from 30 countries are taking part in the event which attracts huge turnout.

Source: Nam News Network