Italian Senate approves Conte gov’t

The Italian Senate gave thumbs up to the new government led by Prime Minister-Designate Giuseppe Conte.

A total of 177 lawmakers voted in favor of the lineup compared with only 117 who voted against it. Meanwhile, 25 senators abstained.

Conte’s government would wait the Chamber of Deputies – the other a house of the bicameral Italian parliament — on Wednesday before starting its tenure.

A head of the Tuesday vote, Conte delivered a speech at the Senate identifying the main lines of the new government’s policies and plan of action.

“We intend firstly to reaffirm our committed membership of Nato, with the United States as our particular ally,” he said.

He also vowed to change the current stance towards Russia.

“We will support an opening towards Russia, which in recent years has strengthened its international role in various geopolitical crises. We will push for a review of the system of sanctions, starting with those that risk demeaning Russian civil society.” Last Thursday, Conte has announced the lineup of his new coalition government after a meeting with President Sergio Mattarella.

His government comprises 18 ministers: eight from the Five Star Movement; six from the far-right Northern League Party and three independents including the prime minister.

The new cabinet includes only two women.

Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio, the leaders of the Northern League and the Five Star Movement, would serve as deputy prime ministers in Conte’s government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency