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Italy: coronavirus death toll reaches 79

ROME Italy on Tuesday recorded 428 new coronavirus (COVID 19) confirmed cases, with a total death toll rising to 79.

During a press conference, the Head of the Civil Protection Authority, Angelo Borrelli, announced the increase in the total number of people infected with coronavirus, to 2,263 cases, 80 percent of whom are concentrated in the regions of Lombardy, the focal point of the infection, and the regions of Emilia Romagna and the adjacent Veneto.

He noted that the medical authorities recorded 27 new deaths since yesterday, 17 cases occurred in Lombardy and seven in Emilia Romagna, in addition to one death in each of the regions of Veneto, Marche and Liguria.

Borrelli also pointed out that the total recoveries rose to 160, while there are a 1,000 infected people but were not subjected to house quarantine restriction, and 1,034 under supervision in hospitals, in addition to 229 receiving treatment under intensive care

Source: Kuwait News Agency