Joint missile strikes on Syria act of punishment not war – Macron

PARIS, French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday the joint missile strikes by the US, France and Britain were a legitimate retaliation for the recent chemical attack by the Syrian regime.

The military action was not an act of war; it was a punishment that fell in the framework of the international standards, he said in an interview with French TV channel BFM this evening.

The three allies obtained evidence that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons against Douma town on Saturday, April 7, Macron pointed out.

The three allies reached the conclusion that the strikes were inevitable and were forced to act without a UN mandate after the persistent impasse, caused by the Russians, at the UN Security Council, the French leader explained.

Macron added that he informed Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Russians were accomplices in the use of chemical attacks in Syria due to their stance at the Security Council.

However, he affirmed Paris desire to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis through dialogue with active players, notably Russia, Iran, Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Macron added that he was able to convince US President Donald Trump to keep the US forces in Syria after Trump stated his desire to withdraw ten days ago.

Source: Kuwait News Agency