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KUWAIT, — Kuwait Airways (KAC) has successfully acquired a commercial registration to operate its flights independently in Turkey, after more than a year of negotiations, the company announced Sunday.

Eventually, the commercial registration would pave the way for KAC to obtain a commercial license as well to operate its activities without needing to deal with a Turkish aviation company to represent the Kuwaiti airlines company in state and commercial sectors, institutions, and markets, KAC said in a press statement.

It would also exempt Kuwait Airways from acquiring Turkish civil aviation’s approvals on summer and winter flights, as well as departure and landing time schedules, it added.

ACM Air Charter Market company has represented Kuwait Airways activities in Turkey since 2006, including commercial aviation activities, governmental transactions, and communications with Istanbul Ataturk Airport in accordance with Turkish laws and regulations, KAC noted.

Some of the commercial registration’s privileges in Turkey are obtaining a tax refund on all KAC’s operational costs, in addition to acquiring special tax registration and offices at major Turkish cities and airports, said KAC.

This step coincides with Kuwaiti airlines’ increasing flights to Ataturk Airport, which are up to 10 flights weekly, and the company’s future plans to compete in Turkish markets, especially with the growing popularity of other Turkish cities by Kuwaiti tourists such as Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, and Bodrum, added the statement.

Source: Nam News Network