WASHINGTON, – Kuwait made a total pledge of USD 176 million, at Wednesday’s Pledging Conference, in Support of Iraq, in Washington, directing the bulk of the funds towards health and medical facilities.

The announcement was made by Assistant Foreign Minister for Follow Up and Coordination Affairs, Nasser Al-Sabeeh, at the one-day event, led by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, which aimed to raise more than USD two billion in new money, for Iraqi cities liberated from the so-called Daesh. That goal has been exceeded, and announcements continue to be made.

Kuwait’s USD 100 million in aid for hospitals will be provided under the “supervision of relevant Kuwaiti institutions,” Al-Sabeeh said.

USD 30 million will be provided for humanitarian relief, and USD 46 million will be specifically allocated “for the fast and swift response, to help in the humanitarian relief for recent developments in Fallujah,” he affirmed in his remarks.

Iraqi forces wrestled back control of Fallujah from Daesh last month.

“We extend our broad gratitude to the Amir,” Kerry said. “This adds up to a significant contribution, so thank you very much.”

Al-Sabeeh said, Kuwait “realises the difficult economic circumstances in Iraq, and will work with the international community to relieve this burden.” The two neighbouring countries will meet later this month, “to clarify the mechanism to support Iraq,” he added. “We ask God that Iraq see stability soon.”

Kuwait co-hosted Wednesday’s donor conference, along with the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan.

The amount raised is intended for four objectives: de-mining; immediate stabilisation for communities, including bringing back electricity; expanded stabilisation, which would strengthen communities weakened by Daesh; and humanitarian assistance.

“We in Kuwait have also been affected by Daesh attacks,” Al-Sabeeh later noted, at a press conference.

“This is an international issue, not an Iraqi issue,” he said. “We believe in Kuwait that we need to help Iraq to be strong enough to fight Daesh. We think it’s our obligation in Kuwait, in particular, to do whatever we can to help them”.

Source: Name News Network