KNG, KFF partake in dealing with impacts of downpour

Kuwait National Guard (KNG) and Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) said their emergency teams offer support to the other state agencies in dealing with the ponds resulting from the heavy rains of Sunday evening.

The ponds resulted in traffic jams at some areas, including sections of Al-Ghazali Highway, and the intersections of Al-Maghreb Highway and the Fourth Ring Road, the KNG said in a statement. The KNG emergency teams helped the traffic dept. in easing the jams and draining the accumulated water, according to the statement. Similarly, the KFF activated its emergency plan in response to the downpour and addressed 57 reports of minor accidents.

High levels of water inundated some roads and basements at some buildings, and some motorists got stuck on the roads, the KFF Public Relations and Media Dept. said in a press release.

The KFF teams managed to rescue 45 persons safely, the statement said, noting that nobody was injured in such incidents.

First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Defense Minister Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and KFF Chief Lt.-Gen. Khaled Al-Mekrad keep following up the emergency response effort in collaboration with other competent agencies. (end)

Source: Kuwait News Agency