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Kushner pitches “opportunity of the century” for Mideast in Bahrain workshop

MANAMA, White House Adviser Jared Kushner has urged Palestinians, Israelis and Middle Eastern nations to seize what he called the “opportunity of the century” for prosperity for Palestinians and the entire Middle East.

“Some people have been marking this effort as the deal of the century, but at its core it is not just making a deal, in fact this effort is better referred to as the opportunity of the century, if leadership has the courage to pursue it,” Kushner said at the inaugural session of the two-day “Prosperity to Peace” workshop in Bahrain.

“This is about creating opportunity for the Palestinian people. This about creating opportunity to the people throughout the Middle East. If implemented correctly and competently.” President Donald Trump’s son-in-law said that his plan could be a game-changer for lives of Palestinians and Middle Eastern people.

“For moment imagine a new reality for the Middle East, image a bustling, commercial and tourist center in Gaza and West Bank where international businesses come together and thrive,” he argued.

“Imagine the West Bank as a blossoming economy full of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and business leaders, imagine people and goods are flowing quickly and securely throughout the region as economy become more integrated and people become more prosperous.

“This is actually the historical legacy of the Middle East, specifically of Gaza and the West Bank. It is the legacy of great cultures coming together as a center of commerce, innovation and prosperity.” He pointed out that the US plan is the most comprehensive economic plan that is ever been created specifically for Palestinians and for the broader Middle East.

“We can turn this region (through this plan), from a victim of past conflicts, into a model of commerce advancement throughout the world,” he pointed out.

He stated that the United States and President Trump are committed to finding a better future not only for the Palestinians, but for the entire Middle East.

He reiterated that “Prosperity is not something that is given to people, prosperity that is something that is earned with smart planning, determination and forte, Palestinian people have these qualities: intelligence, strength, perseverance and courage in great supply.

“Let harness these strengths and create opportunity for them to succeed.” On the political settlement, Kushner stated that economic growth and prosperity for Palestinian people are not possible without enduring and fair political solution to the conflict: one that guarantees Israel’s security and respects the dignity of the Palestinian people.

“However, today’s is not about political issues, will get to those issues at the right time.” He stated that the goal of this workshop is to begin thinking about these challenges in a new way.

“Peace can only be achieved, if it come with a path for people to improve their lives,” he said.

He regretted that an enormous amount of money have been wasted on corruption, munition, and conflict in this region.

“Imagine if that money was invested in infrastructure, education, youth training and healthcare.” He concluded that his direct message to the Palestinian people is that “President Trump have never given up on you.” Under the Kushner plan, donor nations and investors would contribute about USD 50 billion to the region with USD 28 billion going to the Palestinian territories – the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip – as well as USD 7.5 billion to Jordan, USD nine billion to Egypt and USD six billion for Lebanon.

The Palestinian Authority is boycotting the workshop and has urged all supporters of the Palestinian people’s rights to boycott it.

It reiterated its call for finding a political solution to the Palestinian cause through ending the Israeli occupation, and establishing an independent state on 1967 borders and in accordance with the international legitimacy’s resolutions.

Source: Kuwait News Agency