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Kuwait Basketball Association … further revamp vistas

— Today (January 14th) marks the 52nd anniversary of launching Kuwait Basketball Association (KBA) in 1970 after having separated from the then Basketball and Volleyball Association, which was created 13 years earlier.

While celebrating this occasion, basketball players and fans are in the hope that there could be a further considerable development of the game at the local level in a bid to attain regional and international awards.

Being one of the oldest local sports federations, Kuwait Basketball Association joined the Kuwait Olympic Committee in 1957 and then the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) just a year later.

It became a co-founder of the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) in 1960 and began to partake in all Gulf, Arab and Asian championships as of 1961, the first of which was in Casablanca in Morocco in September of the same year.

In 1974, the association co-founded the Arab Basketball Federation, in collaboration with a number of Arab countries before having played a crucial role in the creation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) basketball committee only four years later.

Speaking to KUNA on this occasion, Chairman of Kuwait Basketball Association Rasheed Al-Enezi said the launching of the body in 1970 was undoubtedly a watershed in the country’s sports history.

The body has ever since left no stone unturned to promote and develop basketball nationwide by means of helping and urging young people to practice it, Al-Enezi recalled. The association’s successive boards of directors have worked out effective blueprints with a view to largely disseminating basketball, which is the second most popular sport in the world, he pointed out.

The body commits itself to organizing strong local tournaments, in cooperation with local sporting clubs, to upgrading the technical level of basketballers, and to maintaining relevant international rules and principles, added the chairman.

Furthermore, the association is keen on strengthening sports relations with foreign counterparts, he said, boasting that since its inception in 1970, the basketball sport has greatly developed and attracted large numbers of young players, males and females alike.

Al-Enezi boasted that Kuwaiti basketball teams have won awards and medals during Gulf, Arab and Asian championships mainly due to highly qualified and well-trained players and efficient coaches.

For instance, the Kuwaiti first and youth national basketball teams came second during a recent Gulf tournament, while Kuwait Sporting Club had leading places in Gulf and Arab events, he added.

The basketball body’s chief concluded by saying that Kuwait now has a new generation of high-caliber basketballers who are absolutely able to compete at regional and continental tournaments and to fulfill the expectations and hopes of Kuwaiti fans.

Source: Kuwait News Agency