Kuwait bourse benchmark gains 0.97 points at closure

KUWAIT,Kuwait bourse concluded Wednesday’s trades with the benchmark gaining 0.97 points to the level of 4744.3 points, up by 0.02 percent.

Trade volume amounted to 54.7 million shares, done in 2,923 spot deals, valued at KD 8.5 million (USD 28.05 million).

Main Market Index went up by 18.2 points to the level of 4817.1, up by 0.38 percent, in share volume standing at 37.9 million stocks, done through 1,478 spot dealings at a value of KD 2.3 million (some USD 7.5 million).

Premier Market Index decreased by 8.5 points to the level of 4703.5, down by 0.18 percent, through stock volume amounting to 16.8 million, through 1,445 spot deals, valued at KD 6.2 million (USD 20.4 million).

Source: Kuwait News Agency