Kuwait by your side, a Kuwaiti humanitarian campaign, launched on Sunday first phase of projects to enhance water system in Dhale’ province in Yemen, with a total cost of USD 500,000.

In a speech during the opening of the projects, Al-Dhale’ Governor Fadhel Al-Ja’dai expressed gratitude to the Kuwaiti government and people, also praised Kuwait’s stands throughout half a century in support of the Yemeni people, through development projects that were provided in various fields.

Al-Ja’dai thanked as well organizers of this campaign for their efforts and aid to Yemeni people in various areas, including food aid, housing, water projects, education and health.

For his part, the head of the Yemeni-Kuwaiti relief organization, Ibrahim Issa Al-Qurashi, said the water project includes the construction of two water reservoirs with a capacity of 450 cubic meters, as well as maintenance and operation of wells and pumping water to Sanah Directorate.

Al-Qurashi pointed out that after the completion of supply of pipes to the tanks, water will be pumped to the reservoir and tank, to distribute water to all parts of the city of Dhale’ for the benefit of more than 50,000 people.

Earlier, the Kuwaiti campaign distributed 4,900 food baskets in the same province, including 900 aid kits, in addition to more than 4,000 school bags and the reconstruction of various schools and houses in the city.

Source: NAM News Network