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Kuwait calls for settlement to Ukraine’s crisis

KUWAIT,The State of Kuwait has called for a peaceful solution to the crisis in East Ukraine according to the 2015 United Nations Security Council Resolution 2202 and accords previously inked among the stakeholders.

Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi, the Permanent Representative to the UN, said during a UNSC’s session on the Ukraine, held late on Tuesday, that the State of Kuwait was worried about re-eruption of fighting in East Ukraine.

The State of Kuwait is concerned at resurgence of the fighting; particularly after monitors of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) recorded a large number of cease-fire breaches, carried out with arms that should have been withdrawn according to the Minsk deal.

Al-Otaibi was alluding to the Minsk Summit, held on February 11, 2015, when leaders of the Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany agreed on a package of measures to halt fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Affirming that presence of the weapons in the region contributes to escalating tension, the envoy singled out recurring fighting around a water plant in Donetsk, located on the demarcation line, threatening livelihood of more than 300,000 people “We call on all parties to immediately stop hostile acts, fully adhere to the truce and abstain from provocative actions that aggravate tension,” Ambassador Al-Otaibi said.

The State of Kuwait affirms necessity of respecting Ukraine’s unity, sovereignty and sanctity within its internationally recognized borders, hoping that all parties seek to implement the 2015 Resolution 2202 and the Minsk peace treaty in full.

Moreover, they ought to seek a comprehensive and balanced solution to this question by means of dialogue and the Normandy Four-party process — alluding to conciliation talks that had grouped officials from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France.

He lauded efforts that have been exerted by the European mission to narrow the gulf of differences between the foes, urged the Ukraine and Russia to seek a peaceful settlement and renew a full-fledged political process.

As to the downing of the Malaysian airliners, MH-17, which killed 298 people, Al-Otaibi affirmed necessity of adherence to the 2014 UNSG Resolution 2166 which called for an international probe.

As to humanitarian aspect of the crisis, he noted that four years since the crisis eruption, there are still 1.6 million relocated persons in Ukraine and 3.4 million others in need for aid and protection.

Bombardment across the 457-km-long demarcation line affects 40 percent of the Ukraine population every day. Some one million people cross the line every month risking their lives with planted mines.

Source: Kuwait News Agency