Kuwait calls UN to support Africa development

NEW YORK, – Kuwait called on the international community Friday to move forward with backing the requirements of attaining the aspirations of African people in achieving development and reviving economies in .their countries Supporting Africa is an essential part of the historic ties and cultural heritage that links the continent with the rest of the world, in addition to joint interests, hopes, and destiny, Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Mansour AlOtaibi, said in his speech at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) 71st session while .discussing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Since its establishment, Kuwait has always sought to work faithfully on extending bridges of cooperation with various African countries in development and economic growth fields, the Kuwaiti diplomat said, adding that his country had never spared any effort in providing development aid to developing countries, particularly African .nations, through its state and private institutions Kuwait is also proud of its historic ties with a number of African countries, AlOtaibi said, pointing out Kuwait’s .current observer status at the African Union In November 2013, Kuwait hosted the third ArabAfrican Summit, held under the theme “Partners in Development and Investment,” during which an initiative by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad AlJaber AlSabah was announced to grant USD one billion easy loans to African countries, of which USD 700 million have been .cashed via the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED), he noted AlOtaibi also added that his country is currenlty planning to invest USD one billion, via the Public Investment Authority (PIA) in cooperation with the World Bank and its affiliated institutions, and the ChinaAfrica Development .Fund, in the infrastructure of the African continent Kuwait is also scheduled to hold an international donors conference to back up education in Somalia during the forthcoming month of November, which aims at increasing the education level and combating illiteracy in Somalia, he said, pointing out the conference’s importance as a step toward renewing the Somali people’s ambitions to receive an education opportunity, and be able to cope with modernday changes.

Source: Kuwait News Agency