Kuwait Commerce Minister issues new regulations for jewellery shops

Kuwait’s Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman on Sunday issued a new ministerial decision regarding precious handmade crafts and jewellery, imposing new regulations, namely tagging each displayed piece with a price.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry added in a statement the price tag must entail the company’s name, serial number (barcode), carats, weight, and type of the piece, as well as its factorial value, along with the weight of the lobes and their type.

Meanwhile, regarding the precious handmade crafts of special nature, they should be exposed to customers in an isolated and clear location at the shop, with a tag of the company’s name, serial number (barcode), which is related to the electronic sale system, type, weight and description of the piece, it added.

The precious jewellery commercial shops should tag the piece they sell with fixed price, and the price should be registered in the shop’s commercial record, it added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency