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Kuwait committed to common Arab electricity market — official

A Kuwaiti official on Tuesday affirmed the Gulf state’s full obligation to terms for launching the common Arab electricity market.

Metleg Al-Otaibi, in charge of main power relay stations at the Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water, says an agreement with Iraq to establish a joint power grid will be worked out soon.

This project envisages, in the first phase, production of 200 MW of power, said Al-Otaibi in a statement to KUNA on sidelines of the 10th meeting for Arab power experts.

Kuwait will eventually link up, via Iraq, with other countries in the region, he said.

As to the meeting, he says the experts are primarily dealing with establishment of the Arab power grid authority to link up all Arab states’ power networks.

Al-Otaibi indicated that a planned fourth grid would link up all Arab states.

Currently, there are three joint power grids’ authorities in the Arab world; the GCC grid, the “eight network” and the Al-Maghreb one.

The second topic in the experts’ meeting agenda is establishing the joint Arab power market, treaty of which has been inked by 13 Arab states including Kuwait. Up to 90 percent of this project has been finalized and may totally conclude by September, he had announced In April 2017, 13 Arab countries, including Kuwait, inked a memo for establishing the common Arab electricity market.

Source: Kuwait News Agency