Kuwait committed to support of worker rights – minister

Kuwait is committed to supporting its labour and protecting their rights and syndicates, ensuring job growth, development and prosperity for all, a minister said on Friday.
“The working class has proven, during this crisis and the unprecedented circumstances that the country is going through, that it has nationalistic pride, high efficiency and an unlimited exceptionalism,” Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Maryam Al-Aqeel said on the occasion on International Workers Day.
Governments, business-owners and employees are doubling their efforts to face the impacts of COVID-19, and the minister, on the occasion, hailed employees and Kuwaiti trade unions as the foundation for the development and prosperity of civilisations.
“We have all witnessed the great role these people play, whether those on the frontline or those who have participated in volunteer work as well as those who have expressed their willingness to work hard and diligently for the sake of their country,” she said.
Minister Al-Aqeel underlined that Kuwait is keen on implementing global standards for work and workers, signing numerous International Labour Organisation-approved agreements since its independence that aim to preserve the rights of workers and ensure their safety.
It has also been committed to regulating the relationship between employer and employee

Source: Kuwait News Agency


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