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IRBIL, Iraq, – The State of Kuwait distributed, Monday, 1,200 food baskets, on displaced people in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, part of the country’s efforts, to alleviate their suffering and meeting their urgent needs.

The food baskets have been distributed on the displaced persons and needy in the Dukan county, in the city of Sulaimaniya, Dr. Omar Al-Kandari, Kuwait’s Consul General in Irbil, told KUNA.

The baskets were handed over to people displaced from Ramadi and Fallujah, as well as locals in Dukan, he explained.

The delivery of aid, he said, was upon instruction of the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, “who is always keen on helping the brothers in Iraq and standing by their side, until the end of the current crisis, and to see return of all displaced people to their homes.”

Al-Kandari said, the consulate in Irbil was keen on helping as many displaced as possible, either in camps or populated areas.

Sheikh Abduljabbar Mohammad, Al-Mahamdah tribal leader, said, the delivery of food baskets reflected Kuwait’s interest to help the displaced in Iraq’s Kurdistan province.

Aso Baker Mustafa, governor of Dukan, said, the country was hosting around 1,250 families, displaced from Ramadi and its counties. He thanked Kuwait for helping the displaced in Dukan.

He said, he and Al-Kandari discussed means of helping the Iraqi displaced persons.

Mustafa said, around 50 families, displaced from Fallujah, have returned to their homes, following the liberation of their areas from the Daesh.

Kuwait launched, last year, a campaign to help the displaced Iraqis, distributing some 130,000 food baskets in Kurdish areas so far.

Source: Nam News Network