Kuwait Education Ministry prepares for new scholastic year

– The Education Ministry personnel have been working diligently in preparation for the new scholastic year 2022-2023 to ensure that the season would pass without major hurdles and enable students attend classes amid hygienic conditions.
The ministry said in a statement on Saturday some 1,000 workers were employed and distributed to the schools for cleaning, indicating that supervisory personnel had ensured that contracting companies meet the required standards, namely with respect of the tenders. Only two had to be legally penalized due to dishonoring contracting terms.
The department affirmed its commitment to relevant laws and resolutions regarding the tenders, in addition to procurements that are only done in necessary cases.
Up to KD four million (approx. USD 12 million) have been allotted as a budget for the tenders, it said, however it indicated that it had to buy some necessities to relieve itself of marathon bureaucratic transactions



Source: Kuwait News Agency