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Kuwait food authority: no global recommendations to ban foods from China KUWAIT, Feb 4 (KUNA) Kuwait’s Public Authority for Food and Nutrition said that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not issued any recommendations for nations to ban the import of foods from China neither has any country done so. Based on scientific evidence from global organisations such as WHO and other food safety bodies, food has not been identified as a likely source of transmission of the novel coronavirus, deputy director Reem Al Felaij said. The Kuwaiti body said it is closely monitoring food safety reports issued by the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN), a body jointly established by WHO and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation. It is also aware of necessary precautions to be taken, if need be, in line with the Gulf Cooperation Council regional alert system on the novel coronavirus. The Kuwaiti public was urged to abide by health and hygiene standards during the consumption of food, including the need to ensure that meats are cooked thoroughly before eating. Source: Kuwait News Agency Zczc Development Kuwait plans to launch 82 mega projects SCPD chief

KUWAIT, May 11 (KUNA) This year’s development plan involves 82 major projects, five public shareholding businesses and 10 BOT based enterprises, and governmental allocations for development projects for 2013 14 and 2014 15 hit KD 10.2 billion (USD 36.2 billion), a senior development official said here on Sunday.

Such development projects would undoubtedly spur and stimulate the country’s national economy to include wider aspects like housing, education, health, airports and harbors, in addition to oil and infrastructure projects, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD) Adel Al Wugayan addressed the 12th conference on the role of the private sector in development and infrastructure projects held here today.

The targeted development projects are part of the State’s drive to diversify national income sources by means of promoting the private sector’s investments and boosting the competitive edge of other sectors, Al Wugayan said in a speech on behalf of Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Planning and Development Hind Al Sabeeh.

The SCPD will deliver soon its 2015 16/2019 20 second medium term development plan to involved state agencies and bodies, he said, adding that the SCPD has put into consideration obstacles that impeded the previous development blueprint, mainly red tape.

The government and the SCPD are seriously working together in order to realize tangible development steps while taking into account other countries’ successful experiments in this regard, Al Wugayan added.

He pointed to several steps taken to encourage the private sector’s development such as the privatization of existing governmental activities and the stimulation of partnership between both public and private sectors.

On his part, the head of the organizing committee, Abdullatif Al Abdulrazzaq, said the two day conference will primarily tackle how to encourage the private sector to get involved in public development projects, chiefly infrastructure ones.

But, he emphasized that the government should devise a holistic and unequivocal development blueprint based on specific development requirements targeting national interests and future goals.

To outline Kuwait’s future strategic vision, the government should harness efforts and utilize executive tools and mechanisms to work out an annual plan and development programs and invite the private sector to help in the fulfillment of this strategic vision, he pointed out.

Source: Kuwait News Agency