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Kuwait Food Bank launches food campaign for 1,301 deprived families

Kuwait Food and Relief Bank launched a project, in collaboration with General Secretariat of Awqaf, to provide food and supplies to about 1,301 deprived families, part of its role in alleviating suffering of all segments of society that need support during Covid-19 pandemic.

In a Tuesday press statement to KUNA, Deputy Chairman of the Kuwait Food Bank Mishaal Al-Ansari said that the project reflects the strategic cooperation between the General Secretariat of Endowments and Kuwait Food Bank in order to help needy families countrywide, as this is a continuation of its charitable pioneering role.

The project aims to provide food and basic food supplies through coupons to buy and distribute them to the target groups, also to establish the principle of social solidarity, along with cohesion among the nation’s people while carrying a sincere message of aiding poor families, Al-Ansari added.

The General Secretariat of Endowments and Kuwait Food Bank supports all charitable and voluntary activities, as well as efforts undertaken by the Bank to serve society, he underscored, saying success of these activities, campaigns and charitable projects benefit all parts of the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency