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ISTANBUL, Turkey, – Kuwait is keen to take part in major international economic summits, said Kuwait’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Youssef Al-Ali.

His remarks to Kuwait TV and KUNA, came on the sideline of him heading the Kuwaiti delegation to the 7th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul, “to discuss ways of cooperation with friendly countries,” adding that, all previous summits were “successful.” Al-Ali pointed out that the Arab presence in the summit was effective, with Saudi Arabia as a guest of honour.

The Saudi delegation to the three-day event was led by Dr. Majed Al-Qasabi, Minister of Commerce and Investment, who addressed the gathering by voicing his country’s plan to have an advanced economic rank, by the year 2030, despite the world economic recess, citing key economic reforms projected by the Saudi economy over the coming years.

Al-Qasabi also shed light on the Kingdom’s plan, to launch a number of non-oil economic reforms, including promising economic sectors and government services, thanking organisers of the event for choosing the Kingdom as guest of honour.

The economic summit is scheduled to discuss, among other issues, Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, and Turkey’s vision 2023.

On his part, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said at the opening of the summit that, his country is facing exceptional circumstances that need to be met with exceptional support from partners and international financial institutions.

He drew attention that his government has launched a package of economic and financial reforms, to attract investment.

The summit is held under the theme: “An International Goal … An International Future,” in the participation of official delegates from 70 countries, including heads of state, prime ministers, senior officials and business people.

On its stalled EU membership request, Erdogan said, Turkey has been waiting for an answer from the EU for over 50 years, and criticised last week’s non-binding vote by the European Parliament, urging a freeze to Turkey’s EU accession talks, calling it “harassment.”

“We have not closed the EU subject yet. But the picture we have faced, does not allow us to fall for positive expectations on this subject. There are always many alternatives before Turkey. We would continue our way by considering one of these options,” said Erdogan.-

Source: Nam News Network