ROME, Italy – The State of Kuwait’s Ambassador to Italy, Sheikh Ali Khaled Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, on Wednesday, praised the Islamic Centre in Italy, namely its role in promoting the true image and essence of Islam, as a message of tolerance among nations of the globe.

Ambassador Sheikh Ali Khaled, in remarks to KUNA, after attending a board luncheon, organised by the Muslim community, on Eid Al-Adha, affirmed the State of Kuwait’s support for the centre, and the affiliate Grand Mosque, for their key role in preaching values such as dialogue, co-existence and tolerance, as well as, renouncing extremism and isolation.

He called, during the gathering, attended by diplomats and dignitaries, for removing “barricades that have been created by hostile powers, seeking to isolate the Muslims worldwide.”

Youth must be guided and well cared for, to protect them from deviation “into the swamp of radicalism,” Sheikh Ali Khaled, stressed.

The ambassador indicated that, he had called for holding an Islamic cultural week, in the European nation, to be within the framework of proclaiming Kuwait the Capital of Islamic Culture (2016).

The Muslim community in Italy is estimated to be at two million.

Source: Nam News Network