ISTANBUL, March 16 (NNN-KUNA) — Kuwait’s Al-Rahma International and “Ataa charity for relief and development” agreed on establishing a USD three million fund to support small Syrian enterprises.

This came during the Syria’s Developmental Vistas Conference which kicked off in the Turkish capital on Wednesday, with the participation of international charities, including co-organizers Al-Rahma.

Ataa charity, involved in relief operations for the Syrian people, is registered in Turkey.

In his speech at the event, Secretary General of Al-Rahma International Yahya Al-Oqaili called on international organizations and entrepreneurs to invest in the fund, to ease the suffering of Syrians and provide them with job opportunities.

He said that six years had passed since the outbreak of the war in Syria, leaving over 500,000 people dead.

He added that the war has led to one of the most brutal humanitarian crisis in the modern era with millions displaced and lacking the basic needs for survival.

Al-Rahma International, which is taking part in sponsoring the event, aims to create a new stage of humanitarian work in Syria in cooperation with other international organizations.

The new level focuses on achieving development through strategic plans in the war-torn country, rather than only providing urgent humanitarian aid, he explained.

The conference aims to provide better health, educational, and social services to Syrians in and out of Syria.

According to statistics published by the UNICEF, 82 of Syrian citizens are currently living below poverty line.

Source: NAM News Network