UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has expressed his full support to Kuwait’s mediation initiative, in the complex Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) situation.

In a press conference, held at the UN headquarters in New York, the UN chief expressed concern over the situation, believing that there should be a “regional solution.”

“I have followed particularly the efforts of mediation by Kuwait, and I express my support to the Kuwaiti mediation initiative,” he said.

Guterres told the press that, he thinks what Kuwait is doing “is the most useful way,” and for the UN to cooperate in trying to address a situation that is complex, the leadership should be a “regional leadership.”

“My main concern has been, to try to push for a regional solution, and what I have considered as most effective and probable mediator has been Kuwait, that has my full support,” he added.

When asked about intervention of other countries to the conflict, in order to solve it, he said, if countries or entities who have leverage over the parties to the conflict can help, then obviously their efforts will always be welcomed.

“I don’t think the UN has a leverage over the parties to the conflict, that makes our direct intervention more effective than the support of Kuwaiti mediation,” Guterres stressed

Source: NAM News Network