Health Care

Kuwait registers unprecedented high Covid-19 infections

The daily Coronavirus (covid-19) infections are still registering unprecedented high numbers, Kuwait’s Ministry of Health announced on Sunday.

It called on citizens and expats to restrict travelling abroad to emergency cases only, and called on travellers coming from abroad to abide by the health quarantine regulations, and avoid contacting others until quarantine ends, the Ministry added in a statement today.

The Ministry specialized teams are closely monitoring the Covid-19 cases inside the hospitals and Covid-19 intensive care units, and is following up with the treatment and preventive protocols in the country’s health institutions, it added, noting that beds’ capacity is within the capacity of the health system.

It advised not contacting others in case of experiencing any symptoms of (runny nose- sneezing-coughing-sore throat), or in case of experiencing headache, fever, or fatigue, as we all share a joint responsibility towards the current health conditions, and with proper cooperation will pass it safely, it said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency