Kuwait reiterates support to Palestinian people, their just cause

The state of Kuwait reiterated its long-lasting support and solidarity, and firm stance with the Palestinian people and their just cause of attaining their full legitimate political rights.

This came in Kuwait’s statement relayed by its Permanent Representative at the United Nations Ambassador Tariq Al-Bannai at the Security Council’s session, Wednesday.

Israel continues to breach international resolutions and commit blatant infringements of humanitarian laws, the UN charter, Geneva 1949 agreement and numerous other resolutions, stated Al-Bannai, underlining that this has yet to incite a reaction from the Security Council as it had not attempted to address such infringements.

Al-Bannai mentioned that while the world is only a few weeks into the New Year, Palestinian people still experienced escalation and provocation as a number of innocent people were killed and a minister of the Israeli occupation government stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque compound amidst heavy protection of occupation forces.

Al-Bannai renewed Kuwait’s condemnation of such acts, and reaffirmed necessity of enforcing principles of accountability.

Lately, he expounded, occupation government imposed a pack of sanctions on Palestinian people as response to general assembly decision calling on international court of justice to provide consolatory opinion on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Al-Bannai welcomed the response this prompted from a large number of member states and UN groups.

He stated that due to Israel’s obstinacy the world is farther than ever from a just solution, claiming that this is a systemic approach towards legitimizing occupation and undermining the two-state solution, and renewed call for immediate and urgent action.

Al-Bannai affirmed Kuwait’s support to Palestine’s bid for full UN membership, calling on states unwilling to recognize Palestine as an independent country to re-examine their stance.

The Kuwaiti envoy asserted that occupation does differ from one country to another, that the legitimate self-defense right to defend doesn’t either, nor does the application of international resolutions.

Source: Kuwait News Agency