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RABAT, Morocco, – Chairman of Kuwait’s Olympic Committee, Sheikh Fahad Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah, has affirmed that Kuwait’s sports regulatory laws, absolutely do not contradict with the international Olympic Charter.

Kuwaiti sports unions and clubs, handle their affairs independently, said Sheikh Fahad, in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and Kuwait Television. He also renewed the denial of charges made by the International Olympic Committee, about State intervention in Kuwait in the sports affairs.

Sheikh Fahad, taking part in the annual conference of the Arab sports union’s chiefs, said, the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee “will spare no effort to suspend and nullify” the decision by the international committee, barring Kuwaiti teams and champions from taking part in international tournaments under Kuwaiti Flag.

The chief of the Kuwaiti committee, who took part in inaugurating the conference on Sunday, urged the participants in the meeting, to support the Kuwaiti efforts, aimed at lifting the international ban.

He also called on them to allow the Kuwaiti teams to take part in Arab tournaments, on grounds that the Arab sports unions are not subject to the international committee’s jurisdictions.

He had noted that the Kuwaiti teams and athletes could compete with other Arab teams and champions, under umbrella of the Arab Sports Federation (ASF).

Earlier, Sheikh Fahad held talks on the issue with ASF General Secretary, Saud Bin-Ali Bin Alabdul-Aziz, Chairman of the Arab Boxing Federation, Yousef Al-Kathem and Chairman of the Arab and African triathlon federations, Ahmad Nasser.

The Kuwait Olympic Committee affirms that the Kuwaiti Government is the prime supporter of the national sports federations and clubs; with money, installations, administrative and technical facilities. However, the Government does not meddle in their organisational and electoral affairs.

Source: Nam News Network