KUWAIT, — Kuwait’s first conference on throat and vocal cord surgery will be instrumental to developing the health care sector in the country, the Ministry of Health (MoH) said on Sunday.

Those remarks were made in a speech given by the MoH’s Assistant Undersecretary of Medical Services Dr. Mohammad Al-Khashti, who spoke on behalf of Minister of Health Dr. Ali Al-Obaidi, to open a two-day conference on throat surgery organized by Al-Farwaniya hospital.

Moreover, Al-Khashti noted that the conference is part of efforts to examine the latest research pertinent to throat disorders, which includes symptoms and immunity measures.

Speaking on the conference, he said that the MoH routinely puts together such events in an attempt to keep abreast of the latest medical facts and information, adding that the success of this conference would prove beneficial to the healthcare sector.

Meanwhile, head of the conference Dr. Humoud Al-Arooj told KUNA that throat disorders are amongst the most prevalent in the country, noting that a contingent of international doctors are taking part in the conference.

The conference is set to feature 13 lectures, in addition to three workshops and a discussion panel, all of which will tackle all forms of throat disorders, he added.

Source: Nam News Network