KUWAIT, — Kuwait will be partaking in the celebrations of the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on Dec 3.

Since 1992, IDPD had been highlighting causes connected with people of disability, calling for measures to respect and acknowledge these individuals’ importance to society.

Speaking to KUNA on this occasion, Director-General of the Public Authority for the Disabled Affairs (PADA) Majed Al-Saleh said that the State of Kuwait’s leadership and people were very keen on helping people with special needs to achieve their true potential.

Other than celebrating the IDPD, the authority will hold an event on December 13th to commemorate the Arab Day for people with disability, said the official.

The reason behind celebrating these annual occasions was to spread awareness on issues connected to people with disability, said the PADA official, hoping that more institutes will contribute to the cause.

On her part, chairperson of the Kuwaiti Society for Parents of the Disabled Rehab Boursli said that since declaring decree 8/2008, Kuwait took strong strides to better the situation of people with disabilities.

Kuwait signed several regional and international agreements for people with disability, said the official, adding that it was important to implement these accords.

She affirmed that the society for parents of the disabled will continue to serve people with special needs on all possible fields, saying that helping this sector of society was paramount for social development in Kuwait.

The simplest gesture of support is to have facilities that cater to the needs of people with disability, said Boursli.

She affirmed that the society was in good terms with several state and private institutes, collaborating with them whenever it was possible for the sake of people with special needs.

Source: Nam News Network