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Kuwait touts Congo efforts to promote regional coop.

NEW YORK, Kuwait on Wednesday commended recent positive steps taken by Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi, including tours of Kenya, Angola, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Gabon and Guinea to promote regional cooperation.

Addressing a UN Security Council session on Congo, Kuwait’s Permanent Representative at the UN Mansour AlOtaibi appreciated the efforts of the Congolese leader to maintain regional security and stability and to provide political freedom by freeing political prisoners and unleashing the freedom of expression.

He said that such favorable efforts undoubtedly reflect Tshisekedi’s interest in creating a congenial environment for reform and development.

The Kuwaiti diplomat also spoke highly of the Congolese president’s decision to set up a national observation mechanism for the peace agreement between Congo and regional countries, along with his determination to reform judiciary, fight impunity and back disarmament programs.

He also hailed the outcomes of a recent meeting in Kinshasa, which was attended by the security and intelligence chiefs of Congo and neighboring countries and produced an allout approach to fight armed groups in east Congo.

In this context, AlOtaibi welcomed the support and help of regional and international organizations and partners to Congo at this critical time.

On security, the Kuwaiti diplomat said in spite of security improvement in Congo, violence, armed conflicts, murder, abduction and attacks on military positions are still unabated and worrying.

He called on all armed groups to stop such armed and violent acts in order to avoid more bloodshed and ensure security and stability.

As for the humanitarian situation, he cautioned that it is very worrying at some Congolese areas as a result of lingering conflicts among armed groups.

In this regard, he said 8.12 million people are in need of pressing humanitarian aid, and approximately 13.1 million Congolese people are caught in food insecurity, not to mention 2,000 Ebola epidemic cases.

However, the Kuwaiti diplomat commended the efforts of the Congolese Health Ministry, the UN and World Health Organization (WHO) to fight Ebola, while urging armed groups to stop attacks on medics.

Source: Kuwait News Agency