Kuwait urges Int’l efforts to deal with war remnants

NEW YORK, Kuwait urged for international efforts to deal with the remnants of war, stressing that mines have become a major obstacle for peacekeeping missions and relief agencies to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

This came in Kuwait’ speech during the Security Council session, which was delivered by the second secretary Fahd Hajji on explosive ordnance on Friday.

“We are discussing a topic of utmost importance to the international community and especially important to us in Kuwait,” Hajji said.

“We are still suffering from the presence of landmines in various parts of Kuwait that have killed many innocent civilians and injured others with permanent disabilities,” he added.

Hajji stressed on strengthening national capacities for mine clearance and prevention, assisting victims and the need to establish a rapid response system to address mines, explosive remnants of war wherever they appear so that the focus can be shifted from reaction to prevention.

Hajji affirmed that Kuwait is committed to joining multilateral international efforts to mitigate the impact of the threat of explosive ordnance in various places of conflict not only for the safety of civilians but also to promote stability and peace and support the process of sustainable development.

He praised the work of the UN Mine Action Service through mine risk education courses and the dissemination of life-saving education.

Hajji pointed to Resolution 2365 adopted by the Security Council in 2017, which constituted a positive development in the work of the UN to address the threat of mines and explosives caused by the effects and remnants of war.

He reiterated that measures to limit the use of mines would save the lives of many civilians, humanitarian workers and peacekeeping personnel.

Hajji noted that the number of casualties caused by these weapons recorded a huge increase in the year 2017, where the number of victims more than 15,000 people between wounded and killed in different conflict areas.

Hajji reiterated that Kuwait condemns the use of mines and improvised explosive devices that are indiscriminately planted and endanger the lives of civilians in clear violation of international humanitarian law.

Source: Kuwait News Agency