Kuwait-US relationship has evolved into strategic partnership

KUWAIT, Kuwait-US relations have been solid and friendly since more 100 years and have evolved with time into strategic partnership at diverse levels.

The United States of America recognized the State of Kuwait only three months after independence, on September 22, 1961, and later on, diplomatic relations were established.

These ties have been based on principles upon which Kuwait has worked out its foreign policy and relations with other states; namely non-intervention in nations’ domestic affairs, good neighborliness policy, neutrality and cooperation at economic and diplomatic levels.

Moreover, Kuwait seeks to attain other objectives with diplomacy and other means for safeguarding its security, stability and territorial sanctity, as well as the Gulf security, stability, Muslims’ solidarity and efforts for a just and permanent settlement for the Palestinian cause.

On these grounds, the Kuwaiti-US relations have been maintained; a relationship of understanding, clarity, friendship and cooperation for service of the two peoples’ interests.

Corner stone of these relations dated back to 105 with construction of the American Hospital in October 1941. In the 60s and 70s of the past century, the relations were friendly, but the 80s, the relationship turned into a partnership with the hoisting of the American Flag on Kuwaiti oil tankers during the Iran-Iraq war.

In the 90s, it became a strategic bond — namely when Washington led an international coalition for liberating Kuwait.

These relations deepened further after Washington, in 2004, classified Kuwait as a Major non-NATO Ally (MNNA).

The two countries are also bonded with close economic and commercial bonds. American exports to Kuwait, in 2017, hit USD 5.2 billion and Kuwaiti exports to US, reached USD three billion.

There are more than 200 American companies in Kuwait, with 75 American restaurants along with 4,000 American products in the domestic market.

Kuwait and the US signed in February 2014 a framework agreement for commerce and investment, in an initial step toward an aspired free trade accord.

In light of the agreement, the Kuwaiti-US council for commerce and investment was established. Its first meeting was held in May 2004 in Washington.

At the educational and scientific levels, a large number of Kuwaiti students attain their higher studies in the US. Their number, in 2017, reached more than 14,000.

The US is a main arms supplier to Kuwait and Kuwaiti military cadets receive training and military education at American academies and universities.

Kuwait and Washington, since 1984, have worked out several deals to buy arms including advanced warplanes, missiles and air defense systems.

Following Kuwait’s liberation on February 26, 1991, the Kuwaiti-American military cooperation was crowned with a security pact, in September 1991, according to which the two countries would cooperate in various military sectors, training and security.

On March 20, 2019, a decree was issued approving a memo regarding strategic dialogue — the basis to pursue boosting the strategic partnership.

Source: Kuwait News Agency