The Arab-Islamic-US summit stresses the need of further American and Islamic cooperation in the face of mounting challenges, the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah said Sunday.

Addressing the first-ever Arab-Islamic-US summit to take place on Saudi soil, the Amir noted that the meeting was a testament to the Islamic world’s eagerness to stave off the growing threat of terrorism, which has marred the sacrosanct image of the Islamic faith.

The Amir pointed out that the summit takes place amid a trying time for the region and will help exonerate Islamic nations from accusations of sponsoring terrorism.

On the summit, the Amir said it represents a genuine opportunity for Islamic nations to work closely with the US in efforts to exterminate the scourge of terrorism, which in turn, leads to positive ripple effects.

Meanwhile, the Amir noted that the summit could prove to be a launchpad for productive cooperation between the US and Islamic nations, which will ultimately lead to the defeat of terrorism.

Moreover, the Amir cited numerous measures taken by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations to keep the forces of extremism at bay and foster a spirit of amity and goodwill.

The Amir highlighted the Summit as a vociferous message of determination and strength, saying that efforts to fight extremism will remain firm and unyielding.

The Amir said that he was hopeful the monumental meeting would address common concerns, chief among them is to have lasting peace in the Middle East.

The summit was attended by the US President Donald Trump and leaders and heads of delegations from 55 Arab and Islamic states.

Source: NAM News Network