LONDON, England- Kuwaiti Embassy in the UK issued a number of instructions to follow, by Kuwaitis visiting Britain this season, whether it is for tourism or medical treatment.

In a statement released on Sunday, the embassy stressed on the importance of committing to the type of entry permit (visa) issued by the British Embassy in Kuwait. Recently, Kuwaiti citizens have been entering the UK for medical care using tourism visa, which is a violation of the country’s law, it explained.

Meanwhile, the embassy said, citizens must show a two-way ticket to British passport employees, adding that the UK authorities have deported Kuwaitis who only had one-way tickets.

The statement also said that passports must be kept in good condition at all times, and in case of a stolen passport, the incident must be immediately reported to the nearest police station or the embassy.

The embassy advised Kuwaitis to carry their ID cards and driver’s license at all times, to avoid violating laws. It also added that Heathrow airport forbids bringing in any foreign food items into the country.

The statement also affirmed the need to rent apartments from trusted companies, read the lease thoroughly before signing and seek the assistance of a lawyer in the process.

As for driving Kuwaiti cars in the UK, the embassy noted that it is allowed under certain rules. Drivers must commit to the time period given by the UK’s customs to keep their vehicles in the country, abide by traffic laws and have insurance on the car.

As for those travelling for medical treatment, the embassy advised the patient’s companions to take caution when withdrawing their pocket money from banks, as many theft cases have been recorded in such cases.

The health office must be informed two-weeks ahead from the expiry date of the patient’s visa to take measures in the matter. The statement, meanwhile, called on patients to call the number 999 in case of any medical emergency, or they can head to St Mary’s Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and UCL hospital.

Patients can also call the health office for emergency cases on phone number 07825186776, while all citizens can call the embassy on 02075903400.

Source: Name News Network