Kuwaiti official wants end to Palestinian water crisis

CAIRO, It is imperative to provide the Palestinian Water Authority with the financial aid needed to address water shortages, said a Kuwaiti official on Tuesday.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Water and Electricity’s Assistant Undersecretary for Water Maintenance and Service Khalifa Al-Furaij made the remarks during the “Cairo Water Week” conference, an endeavor that raises awareness over global water scarcity.

He revealed that an ad hoc committee dealing with water issues in Arab and Islamic nations, including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, among others, would soon be formed.

The committee is also tasked with drawing up plans to make sure that water-related sustainable development goals come to fruition, the Kuwaiti official explained.

He went on to say that the Palestinians have expressed their gratitude for Kuwait’s support, particularly in the water sector.

The Egypt-hosted conference brings together officials from more than 70 nations, along with a number of international organizations.

Source: Kuwait News Agency