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Kuwaiti parliament dissolves, setting stage for early poll

Kuwait’s ruler dissolved parliament by royal decree Sunday over unspecified security concerns as low oil prices squeeze government coffers, setting the stage for early elections in the tiny, oil-rich country.

Parliaments typically don’t serve out their full terms in the stalwart U.S. ally, but lawmakers elected in Kuwait’s last election in 2013 largely sided with the government as they served in the wake of Arab Spring protests.

But the rise of the Islamic State group and the drop in global oil prices has caused growing concerns in this major OPEC member.

Kuwait’s state-run television station and its news agency announced the parliament dissolving on Sunday afternoon, just a few hours after government officials held an emergency meeting. The Cabinet was expected to resign, as those sitting on the 12-member board also likely will be contesting their parliamentary seats. A caretaker government was expected to be announced in the coming hours.

Source: National News Agency