Kuwait’s Authority for Disabled takes precautions against coronavirus

KUWAIT: Kuwait Public Authority for Disabled Affairs (PADA) announced that it has taken several precautionary measures to confront the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) in order to ensure the safety of its children with disabilities and affiliates.

This was brought up in the authority’s press statement Saturday where PADA’s Director Dr. Shafiqa Al Awadi held a meeting with a number of the authority’s leaders, managers, supervisors and technicians to review the measures taken by the departments.

One of these measures is in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and some agencies to provide preventive medical supplies for the authority’s employees in reception halls and committees, as well as holding awareness lectures and sessions by doctors to raise awareness in preventing the spread of infection, she explained.

PADA also took many precautionary measures issued by Rehabilitation Medical Center in cooperation with the Disabled Care Department to prevent visits to cases residing under the care of the authority in order to protect the disabled from any potential risks they may face until the country is virus free, she added.

PADA issued a decision to stop visits and external trips to reduce the risk of infection, and a plan was developed to organize the reception of auditors in the committees to ensure the distribution of waiting places in multiple areas in order to reduce crowding that may increase the possibility of infection, she pointed out.

The authority also decided to provide many members of the nursing staff in the reception halls in order to educate employees on how to prevent COVID 19 and also provided a number of cleaning workers in the halls to be present around the clock to carry out the sterilization process in waiting places, she noted.

PADA’s statement mentioned that Al Awadi also issued a circular to stop the reception of trainees with disabled children in the centers and institutions under the authority’s umbrella.

Al Awadi also decided to organize the attendance and departure process for employees in light of the decision to suspend the fingerprint system issued by the Civil Service Bureau and issued a circular to prevent the leave of some important jobs.

All were reminded to use the online service to avoid going to the headquarters to complete their transactions, in order to pace with the directions of the country and MoH in dealing with COVID 19 and for the safety of disabled children, she underlined

Source: Kuwait News Agency